Nine Baking Hacks for Anyone Who Bakes!

For some, baking is intuitive and natural. For others, it’s messy and challenging. No matter your experience, these hacks help make baking easier.  

A “Light” Hack for Bakeware  

Notice a difference in the outcome of your baked goods when using light versus dark pans? That’s because the darker the pan, the faster it heats (and burns!). Lighter pans do not absorb the heat as fast and will produce a more evenly baked good. 

But don’t throw out those dark baking pans just yet! You can imitate the perfect finish of a light pan by reducing the temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit and decreasing the time in the oven by 25 percent. 

A “Grate” Hack for Butter 

Cold butter is the hero when it comes to baking the perfect, flaky biscuits and crusts. It must be evenly distributed in the dough as small pieces—a time-sucker if chopping tiny pieces by hand. 

Grating the butter (you can even use a frozen stick for less mess) with a cheese grater will give you the best results with little effort. You’ll have a lovely mound of fluffy butter flakes quickly and easily! 

A “Hot” Hack for Slicing Dessert 

Your Pinterest-perfect baked goods are almost too good to destroy with a bad slicing job! How can you keep the aesthetic after slicing?  

Try heating the knife by running it under hot water, wipe dry and slice. It should slide right through your pie, cake, and bars with ease—and leave your treats looking magazine-worthy! 

An “a-Peeling” Hack for Decorative Finishes 

Speaking of “magazine-worthy” photo finishes, how do bakers make the perfect decorative chocolate spirals to top their desserts? 

Try using a potato peeler. It will slice perfectly smooth and curly pieces of candy—just sprinkle and share (or not!) your masterpiece! 

A “Moist-have” Hack for Baked Goods 

Worried about your baked goods going stale? If they aren’t gobbled up quickly, they can dry out and lose that soft-baked goodness you worked so hard to make. 

The answer: a slice of bread, apple slices or orange peels. These are great food-savers to place with your cakes and cookies—those delicious desserts will soak up the moisture and imitate a fresh-baked treat for much longer. 

A “Bubbly” Hack for Baking Soda 

Does anyone really write the date on the box of baking soda when they first open it and place it in the cupboard? If you do, hats off! If you are like the rest of us, you may wonder how long that baking soda has been open and if it’s still good to use in your baking. 

If you add a teaspoon of baking soda to a half cup of hot water, it should bubble. If it doesn’t, toss it and open a new box.  

An Egg-xtraordinary Hack for Testing Eggs 

Eggs are another ingredient we can easily forget the expiration date on. Instead of cracking them open and hoping for the best, you can use a bowl filled with water to test them. 

  • Eggs that sink and stay at the bottom, lying on their side, are fresh and good to use. 
  • Eggs that sink but stand upright are ok to use—but will expire soon, so use them first! 
  • Eggs that float are a no-go for baking. 


A “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Hack for Mixing 

You may need to retrain your brain and muscle memory for this one: when using a hand mixer to combine ingredients, keep the mixer in one spot and rotate the bowl around it—not the other way around. 

Rotating the bowl and not the mixer reduces the splatter effect—less mess and less work for you! 

An “Easy-peasy, Lemon-squeezy” Hack for Citrus Juices 

A baker’s secret for getting the most juice out of your citrus fruits: microwave them on high for 15 seconds before squeezing. 

You’ll have more citrusy goodness to drizzle and bake with—and enjoy the added flavor later! 

We’ve Got You “Covered” 

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